February 19
14:26 2019
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Chin Tribes are divided into three groups; the Northern Chin, the Central Chin and the Southern Chin. The Central and Southern Chin women used to tattoo their cheeks from the age of 14 with black ink. The practice is not carried out today but it still possible to see some of the older generation proudly displaying their tattoos. Each tribe had its own distinctive design and pattern, from flora figures to circles and vertical lines. One tribe tattooed their whole face black. The tattoo ink is made from lquid squeezed from a burnt piece of pine wood mixed with the juice from the stem of the arum plant gathered from the jungle. They put the liquid on a small thorn which is held to a flame to heat it up, and then it is used to mark the skin.chin 1
The most sacred festival o f the Chin people is the Khuado Festival which is held to mark the New Year, and the harvesting of the crops from the hill side. Each different ethnic group and village held the festival on different dates. So that everyone could celebrate it together, it was decided to hold the Khuado Fastival on the 14th waxing full moon day and the first waning of Thadingyut. The festival is very significant as it conserves the Chin heritage and traditions, and , more importanty, the friendships among the different Chin ethniclties.
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Chin tribe cooked millet, hill-farm rice, sweet corn, white yam, taro, sweet potato and potato as rice and dish. Chin tribe residing in the village never made separated Kitchen but made fire in home. They have the idea that if the smoke stuck the roof and wall, It become more firm. In generally, they were used the cook able pot by buying earthen pot, and earthen bowl at wards and villages while some use aluminum pots and bowls.
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Chin tube having three meals a days because of the hill-farm cultiv-ators. Before going to hill-farm they were used to take breakfact and having lunch at hill-farm but taking dinner only after coming back from hill farm and cooked. They cooked the millet rice and hill farm rice only close to the cooking time after pounding the rice by hand use mortor.
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