Myanmar’s Heart Shoes by Soe Moe Aung

Myanmar’s Heart Shoes by Soe Moe Aung
July 13
08:14 2016
How did Myanmar’s Heart (MH) Shoes originate?

I opened Myanmar’s Heart souvenirs shop in Bogyoke Market about two years ago. I had always aimed to produce a local-made souvenir. Then I noticed the beauty of Myanmar traditional garments. I trailed selling of shawls and bags while some foreigner friends suggested I produce Ballerina Shoe. Myself or them, we have observed such products abroad. I have started making similar shoes since seven months ago to have reached present-day MH Shoes.

Please elaborate on Myanmar traditional garments already fashioned into your shoes.

Myanmar traditional garment is bit high-sounding. In fact attractive pieces of female’s nether garment are used. Objective One is to have a Myanmar-made souvenir. The other objective: when a Myanmar women is to be dressed formally, her clothing and accessories should be all made in Myanmar. Presently for formal dress they are using foreign-made footwear, but my shoes should hopefully replace them.

What traditional patterns are available at present?

Currently Kachin and Chin nether-garment patterns are available. The Shan counterpart was launched on 19th March 2016.

Your detailed efforts in making pair of shoes.

The Pair has to well-balanced in colour and pattern. A single pair will be perfectly well balanced, A single pair will be perfectly well balanced our shop can ensure you. But another pair may have similar pattern, but the shoes will not be identical in every aspect.

MH Shoes ‘customers…

MH Shoes are being used by expatriates and international travellers, and Myanmar women too.

How many pairs are produced in a month?

Productivity is 2,000 pairs in month only. Garment patterns are always evolving, so a single pattern cannot be mass-produced like in a factory. But having limited quantity for being handmade is an attractive point itself.

Please comment on raw materials.

My objective is to use Myanmar-made textiles for a handmade product. Not even a pin is used; it is all glued up. But the glue is imported from abroad. If local made glue of similar quality is available we will use it instantly.
By my business strategy the pattern is twosome modern pattern and traditional pattern. Traditional pattern could be available again, but modern pattern, especially Shan and Kachin, is of one-time use, becoming auto limited edition.

Market-wise …

One of my business strategies is: One Pattern for one state, one division. Native retailers are being encouraged to resell my product. Being handmade with limited pattern could be a selling point.

Advantages of MH Shoes

It can be washed when dirtied. Once glued, the chemical does not fail. Brand new shoes do not let the foot be galled.

The penetrate foreign market and coming programs…

To penetrate foreign market requires: First, be Myanmar pattern; and be handmade in Myanmar. Only then can an international traveller claim his pair of shoes to have been bought as a souvenir in Myanmar. In fact foreign visitors are busy buying the dainty shoes, when the current stock gives out coming batches of shoes are planned to bear the sign, Made in Myanmar, More details will be out when my product has achieved Export Quality for a guarantee.


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