Taung Thar

Taung Thar
July 26
08:19 2016

Taung Thar 2

Taungthar national ribes who reside around Yaw, Magwe region believe that their tribes were of Pyu lineage. But historians thought that Taungthar tribes were descended from an ancient Myanmar group, Tibet-to Burman and some believed they were from chin lineage that called Yaung Htu, members of Kuki-Chin group. A background history of Taungthar has it has had concrete evidence that they were descended from Pyu lineage as well as from Chin and ancient Myanmar.
At the Taung Yaw ward in Saw Township Taungthar are living at 23 villages in 67 village tracks and also residing at 23 villages which are in 73 wards and village tracks in Hti Lin Township which was called Mhauk Yaw, and so it has 49 villages in total where Toungthar reside.
As Taungthar tribe believed in Buddhism and Buddhist devotees, they are impeccably pure, honest, kind and tender minded persons though they are living in Yaw which is not easily accessible by road.

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Taungthar men’s dressing style are similar to Myanmar men’s but has differences in Women’s. in olden days women wore in same color, white, both blouse and htame (just like skirt ) and at the upper part of ther body satin shawl had to go under the arm to warp and completely cover the breasts. It the wrapping shawl was in red it meant virgin and if black, married person. But today Taungthar women never wear the traditional dress execpt in ceremonies of festivities, it was known.



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