YCTC Business Institute

YCTC Business Institute
July 22
08:23 2016

Assistant Professor U Win Min Thein Principal YCTC Buiness Institue

Educational background and work experience…

After obtaining Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) I studied for MSC (Tourism Management and Marketing) at Bournemouth University in England. At present I am studying for my PhD at Management and Science University, Malaysia. After graduation I was tutor and secretary to curriculum development committee at St Theresa Inti College, Bangkik. Then serving as a lecturer at Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) Thailand; and working as lecturer as well as exam board member at ERC Institute Singapore followed. In 2015, I earend Assistant Professorship from Akamai University USA.
I taught at private training schools, and worked as part-time lecturer at Myanmar Imperial College (MIC), RV Management, STI University (formerly STI Education), Chindwin College and SR International College. Recently, I am serving at Central Civil Service University as visiting professor.

A Private School of My Own

I have taught Business Administration all along and obtaining the cooperation of college teachers of my friendship we launched the YCTC in youths interested in management were on the increase; but qualified schools were limited in number. That was one reason why we stared our institute.

YCTC courses in linkage with international universities…

YCTC first began as an ABE school which gets the trainees Diplomas offered by Association of Business Executive (ABE) UK. Lately we have opened certificate courses such as Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Leadership and Organizational, Leadership and Organizational Development, Marketing Management, Customer Service Management.
Moreover, YCTC is running Executive Certificate in Business Management thanks to purchasing and Supply Association Singapore. The course is attended by working personnel such as HR executive, manager, senior manager, and even owners of tour and cosmetic companies sometimes. This most outstanding course of ours has seen its 26th batch. Over 3500 students have been trained in YCTC for the last 3 years. Then, we have the MBA course being run in linkage with Management and Science University (MSU) of Malaysia, whose patron is Her Majesty the Queen of Malaysia the MSU Malaysia with its 20-acre campus has 25000-30000 students every years. YCTC provides an air ticket for MBA students to attend Seminar in MSU Malaysia. We wish our students to get MSU learning environment and campus life. On graduation the student receives the Degree certification from the Queen herself.
Four times a year the YCTC and Purchasing and Supply Association Singapore together hold seminars on logistics management, supply chain management, etc. on weekends. On such occasions are visiting professors from Singapore.
We are also into Corporate Training. Current trainees come from International Beverage Trading Company (IBTC) and Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd. Trainees in the past was from AYA Bank, Construction and Housing Development Bank, Htoo Company and Zarmani Fertilizer and so on.

What more courses…?

We are planning for offer Bachelor Degree Programs affiliation with our partner Institutes from Singapore.

What difficulties, if any, in opening private schools?

A school mainly has to depend on personnel, from teaching stuff to Admin staff included. Some staff has resigned as they cannot measure up to the qualification needed.
Some MBA graduates on the staff do not know how to use a photocopying machine or E-mail. Some young repatriates, holder of Diploma but no Degree, are found to be doing well upon a little asking.
It all depends on the person, I think. Some trainees here, graduates from University of Distance Education, are found to be speaking English well. Personnel are often in imbalance, thanks to shortage of skilled labor and gap in qualification. A degree cannot ensure the quality of its holder.

What rights enrolment in YCTC brings…

Students studying for Diploma and above have access to e-library as well as the borrowing of hard cover books. MUS students, each supplied with password to MSU library, may use the library online. Moreover our school’s notice board is full of job vacancy ads pasted on by the companies, which actually are job opportunities in abundance. We promise you to get World Class qualification with well-known academics. www.yctcinstitute.com


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