Period of progress in every field. Desires will be fulfilled. Improvements in financial and business matters. Rivals will be defeated. Period to expose efficiency in a through way. Fruitful results of efforts made by students and businessmen. Opportunities will arise from good-fortune. Improvements in life will be from unexpected deeds rather than from deeds with expectancy. Working voraciously should be avoided. Improvement will be due to good-will and interest. Money will return of long-standing stagnant investment. Overdue loans will return. Young people will be attracted to the opposite sex.


Extreme mental fatigue. Emotional disturbance for another, not for the self. Planned matters will be impossible to carry out. Action must be done upon given situation, without taking time. Minor accidents will occur. No right-hand man can be kept. Utmost care must be taken in investments. Money transactions must be made with great attention. No matter must be done if it cannot be done by the self. Matters done by another will be unsatisfactory. They will not satisfy you. Patience is needed for present expenses. There is incoming money in the near future. Emotional fatigue due to cases of others and of institutions and groups. Health must be taken care of again. Present situation and present business will not give happiness. Change is wanted. Mind is unstable and wandering. Stomach, teeth and gums will give trouble.  Loss of sentimental belonging.



Loans will  be overdue. Fatigue of mind and body is foreseen. There will be good fortune in career. There will be exceptionally successive improvements for businessman. Distinct changes will take place. There will be improvement in life. In the realizations of aims, in lieu of another’s aid, personal efficiency should be favoured. That practice will be different from the planned will be observed. Ideas coming up this period are to be used practically to result improvement. In spite of wasted money, mental fatigue and bodily tiredness, your efficiency will be thoroughly recognized. Difficult problems will pacify. As presuppositions will turn to be correct, stocking goods and money matters will run well. Matters should be carried out from a novel point of view. In spite of difficulties, success will be achieved in the end. Every matter done systematically will meet improvement.



Business people will make good profits due to smooth flow of goods. But stocking goods and playing prices are not advised. Impromptu journey is to be made with dare. Exceptional benefits will be had from oral service. Business decided to be stopped will have to be continued. Family business can further a step. Preparation for change can be made. Ill health is foreseen. Minor accidents can occur. Ill health to elderly family member is foreseen. Will be pick pocketed on travelling.


Retarded rights and money will come into the family. Other races nationalities will bring advantages. Work will have to be done with people with different opinions. Difficulties and obstacles will be overcome. Exceptional changes will take place. Good news will be heard. Circles of friends will expand. Unwelcome visitors will come to your house. They will have to be entertained despite your work and stress. Work will have to be having from morning till night, giving up all recreations.



Aims will be successful. Whatever obstacles there are in business plans, they will be overcome. Familial disagreements can be settled. Joint-ventures will benefit. Family business will be expanded. Temporary trip will be made. Achievements will be made using your skills. Promotions are foreseen. Improvements will be had. Usual trouble maker at home will be surprisingly beneficent. Love matters will run smooth. Competitive work will see success.


Although pride and always telling truth have given you bad effects, they will be beneficial to you this month. Intentions in life will be achieved. Arising opportunities should not be missed and if used thoroughly, will improve your life. Overdue loans can be asked for. Money and properties lost will be regained. Staff intending to transfer to a better position should do so without fear. Those intending to travel will be able to do so. Expenses will be heavy. Expenses will be to your advantages.


Improvement will be had using arising opportunities scientifically. Money income will be better than before but expenses will be great and it will not be saved. Improvements in life will be based on personal efficiency and decisions. Another’s promise cannot be believed. Everything must be done personally. Those running private enterprises should run business using ways unthought of and unused by others to have success. Those in business field will be successful. Work and qualification will go hand in hand to improvement. You will be very popular this month. Health is slightly ill starred. There will be more than one jealous person. Expenses will be great. Work will be interfered.

The employed will get promotions. San-Zarni Bo


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