Mandalay Businesses’ Second Generation (1)

Mandalay Businesses’ Second Generation (1)

Mandalay  Businesses’ Second Generation (1)
April 22
08:00 2016

In economic operations succession plan is very significant. What the founder achieved, second generation members are required to push it further with new management style of the times while they are learning continuously.

Kain Kyi Restaurant

Kain Kyi 1

The year Kain Kyi was launched and how the name was chosen . . .
Grandfather launched Kain Kyi in 1964, firstly with a Chinese name meaning ‘economy. Some time later it was changed to Kain Kyi.

How is current status different than Founder’s time?
The difference: Formerly the noodle was rolled out in a machine, in absence of which it was produced manually. But the flavour remains the same. Customers from out of town are majority. The method has been handed down from generation to generation. There is no trade secret. The workers know the method.

How has your Customer changed?
Some like the formerstyle; some accept the renewed style. With the change in method and decoration come patrons. Some customers are new; some repeaters. Menu is always to be upgraded.

Any change in management style?
There’s a turnover in emplo-yees. Female workers are employed and given training in how to communicate with customer, to hold trays and lay down forks and spooons. Fresh recruits are easy to train. For promotion the shop calendar featuring Model Nwe Dali Htun was published; pictures of Menu items were produced hiring a professional photo-grapher. At first some family members advised against those efforts as unnecessary.

Kein Kyi Sep 2015

When did you first take personal charge?
I studied Computer Science and had a working stint in England, both together lasting for about eight years. I did Part-time at restaurants, starbucks, and at Pizza Hut for five years becoming up to Assistant Manager. There restaurant manage-ment in its entirety became known to me. Then my Business training followed, especially leadership, Marketing from Daw Aye Aye Thant of AAT Business Park.

New plans for the Restaurant to endure …
We will improve our performance, but not expand yet. It will likely expand later.

Suppliers date from Restaurant’s inception. So we have confidence in one another. Confidence supreme.



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