Wooden Work of Art Ko Hein

Wooden Work of Art Ko Hein

Wooden Work of Art Ko Hein
August 17
14:53 2017

Wood-based creation works are really artistic. In creating such intricate arts, it takes one’s own passion for his work in order to produce unique works. Although it is less costly in cash, much time and patience are necessary for art, said Ko Hein Ko Ko.

When did you start creating wooden art?
When I was in eighth and ninth standard, I learned professional mechanics and handicraft at school. When learning, I was interested in sculpture basics. Parents knew that interest and made me study basics sculpture with Sayar U ThanShwe in PyinOoLwin. After the matriculation examination, I didn’t join any college or university. Instead, I continued learning, concerning wooden art, with a teacher from the Philippines. While learning, I stared, on the other side, creating wooden arts as practical.

wooden art 2

What are the difficulties faced in starting creating?
While learning basically with the teacher from the Philippines, I was to learn small creations made of plastic foams. Those creations were replaced with wood as my own ones. Wood is not as soft and smooth as plastic foam. So the creation is very detailed and patience is needed to get the desired pattern.

What kinds of materials are used in creation?
Planks, canes and bamboos are used. Such forestry materials as barks are used when necessary. It is easy to find necessary materials. Wood is ordered from wood factory to get what we want. Cutting can be asked, thin or thick. If canes and bamboos are used, there are a few things to look out. They can get moldy soon after they are created. Not to have such problems, pouring in or boiling with diesel are to be carefully.

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What kind of wood among materials is the best?
Teak is the best wood to create. It is pliable, and can be easily fashioned into the desired model. Plywood is suitable for wood working as they are light and not thick like wood.

How much does it take to have a wooden work of art?
As for time duration, it takes a week to 15 days at most to create. Despite just a few days, there are such parts that need a lot of detailed work and a calm mind.

How many designs have you created so far?
There have been over 30 designs so far. The created patterns are horse-carts, Maymay Purcell Clock Tower, the model of countryside, school, house, car, motorcycle, wood painting and Nan-ma-daw Mel Nu’s brick monastery.

Among the creations, what is the most memorable and difficult one?
It is Nan-ma-daw Mel Nu’s brick monastery. As it is an ancient cultural heritage, I had to take a big responsibility. Being a model of historic building, it is difficult to draw in scales. As a Myanmar’s antique work, sculptural works in the monastery were created to look as much like as possible.

What are local and international interests in wooden work of art?
There is much of interest. An Australian man bought the miniature of the city center of Maymyo I created. One acquaintance bought via online. Now locals are paying more attention than foreigners.

What are prices, from the least to the most?
It is around 20,000 kyats for hores-carts and Purcell Clock Tower. The prices for tailor’s machines, car showrooms and cake bakery shops range from 50,000 kyats to 100,000 kyats. Nan-ma-daw Mel Nu’s brick monastery costs about 500,000 kyats. I’ve created three times for the order.

What are coming out next?
From the present miniature of Maymyo downtown, I’ve intended to created the model of the whole city. For the whole city, it will take about six years in time duration. As it is the city where I was born and that I like, I think it will be something to remember me by when I pass away.

What is your future plan?
After I’ve created the model of the whole city of Maymyo, I’ll hold a solo show of my creation collection. I’ll continue creating wooden work of art as long as I can imagine more.


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